2020 Report

This is the 2020 end of year reflective report of updates from the Agile Learning Centers Network!


The ALC Network is a grassroots, open-source organization that ultimately is working towards a world where young people -- and people of all ages -- are free to learn and grow in supportive, diverse communities.

To this end, we keep growing ourselves, tend our local projects, connect with our broader ecosystems, share lessons, offer inspiration, and celebrate invitations to collaborate with partners around the world. Most ALC Network work has been and continues to be carried out by facilitators and ALC community members who volunteer to share their gifts and energies in support of the larger network and our mission. We host calls, exchanges, and resource shares. We write reports, make graphs, and produce training events. More than the easily measurable work, though, we focus on trusting, accompanying, potentiating, and co-creating. As we imagine and practice for more liberated, fulfilled, and transdisciplinary futures, we intentionally prioritize the care and relational labor that, though broadly devalued at this moment in time, increases the joy, resilience, and meaning-making learners of all ages access through their lives.

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