Next Steps

Next Steps

Ongoing Goals

  1. Expand the Board and continue supporting the self-organization of facilitators and other network members as they host calls, create events, share resources, and generally nurture the coherence of the network

  2. Update the Starter Kit and Facilitation Guide to include a many more voices and share wisdom from a wider variety of projects

  3. Update the Agile Learning Centers website to better reflect the global network that we continue to become

  4. Maintain transparency by continuing to publish internal newsletters and committing to compiling and releasing regular annual reports

  5. Run at least 2 fundraising campaigns to ensure that when we next need funds for crisis relief or to resume InterALC retreats we will have the resources we need

Support our work!

  1. Practice authentic, gracious, and respectful relationships with learners of all ages (that includes you, too!)

  2. Share our resources, social media posts, and story with your friends

  3. Donate by going to and clicking “Support”

  4. Get in touch about sponsoring an upcoming conference or training

  5. Become a member of the network to get access to calls, Slack, emails, gatherings, and other events!

Connect with us!

  1. Check out the free, open-source publications shared on our website

  2. Sign up for an individual or organization membership

  3. Host a workshop or training in your community

  4. Find a local ALC or ALC Start-up and say “Hi!”

  5. Attend a workshop or training

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